How Good Web Content and Design Impact Visitor Retention

by David Webb

Getting noticed in the overcrowded digital realm is a daunting task. On one hand, we never had such versatile tools and channels for marketing and promotion. On the other, the level of noise is at an all-time high. Despite the competitiveness and complexities present in the field, losing yourself in it is not an option.

After all, not having enough users interacting with and consuming your content can spell doom for your business. So, harnessing design and content, two mainstays of digital user experience, is the way to go. They empower you to get in front of people and earn their trust and loyalty. This endeavor is more than worth it, as it is linked to various benefits, including better retention rates, as well as more sales, social signals, and revenue.

Success by design

Web design is the first thing someone notices upon coming in contact with your pages. It makes the first impression and determines what type of image your project onto the audience. Not only that, it anchors your whole visual identity, allowing your brand to stand out from the myriad of other brands out there. Not surprisingly, over the course of the internet’s short history, we have seen it all— the good, the bad, and the ugly.

But, we are mainly interested in the good, right? Well, the best kind of design is the one that successfully blends usability and aesthetics. It captivates with nice visuals, but it does not let them get in the way of smooth navigation and intuitive functionality. Furthermore, it also features a look that is current and fresh. Rest assured that nothing puts users off like an outdated-looking website.

So, to cut through the noise, stay on top of prominent trends like bold fonts, minimalist aesthetics, parallax scrolling, and responsive design. Moreover, make sure everything is displayed properly across different platforms, especially mobile ones. In other words, your site must open seamlessly and load quickly. Otherwise, you risk hampering your efforts and increasing bounce instead of retention rates.

Apart from immense power, one should also be aware of the innate limitations of web design. Namely, you cannot rely just on it to build lasting relationships. It is highly effective when it comes to grabbing attention, yet retaining it an entirely different ballgame. This is when content comes into play. For it to fully shine, web design must not overshadow, but complement it.

Beneath the shiny surface

Quality content is the king of visitor retention, the main incentive you can offer to keep people lingering and coming back for more. Unlike aggressive sales pitches and pushy ads, it delivers true value by entertaining, educating, and evoking emotions. Therefore, content marketing and production enables brands to connect with visitors on a more meaningful, deeper level.

Again, keeping an eye on popular trends is crucial. Here, we see that visual content is constantly gaining traction. Striking infographics and viral videos communicate complex ideas and messages in an instant, in a way that is highly engaging. It is also aligned with the steady decline of the = average user’s attention span. Hence, it certainly plays a key role in your overall digital strategy.

Feel free to take lessons from brads killing it with videos or agencies doing miracles with professional ecommerce photography. This type of content can elevate sales of certain products and improve the bottom line. It also prompts the user to at least spend a few more seconds looking at what is presented. So, done right, it captures the imagination, at least for short period of time, enough to form a connection.

Another great thing about content is that reinforces your authority and improves your ranking. It gives you virility and exposure by propelling you to the forefront of search engines. As you know, these booming highways of the internet are major content discovery channels. Thus, to take your game to the next level and boost your organic reach, get into the practice of search engine optimization (SEO) and adhere to the best practices.

Let content and design work hand in hand

Web design and content profoundly shape the way users perceive and interact with your digital presence. If you really mean to gain and retain people, make an effort to boost the site’s usability and enhance its aesthetics. Use design and content creation in synergy, to produce an enthralling experience to your visitors.

Likewise, employ visuals to summarize and emphasize the content, not the other way around. Stay on top of the trends and preferences and interests of your audience. Be unique and show your human face. Build lasting bridges of trust and loyalty. Put the focus on the customers’ wants and needs.

These steps should enable you to arrest their attention and do not let it go. The window of opportunity to pull it off is limited, so get ready to seize the moment.  



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